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As part of our Grade Five  (5) class  study on industries, they chose the cottage industry to exhibit their personal talents. Each student had to create a product in a proper manner, keep account of their materials and costs and present that product to the public (their peers), enabling them to learn about marketing and sales. In the end, they tallied their sales against their cost. This, all in an effort to teach them about profit and loss in it’s simplest form.

Click here to see how the students thoroughly enjoyed this task, delighted in their creations and the thrill of making sales.



Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, making music, the theater etc. It appears that for the brain to be efficient, the two hemispheres of the brains must work together.  By stimulating and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts strengthen the connection between the hemispheres. Kids should be exposed to the arts as their cognitive skills mature so that their right brain will be as developed as the left, and both hemispheres work in tandem, thus achieving the full potential of the mind. Grade 5 craft classes