Elementary or Primary school includes Kindergarten (Year 1) to Grade 6(year 7). At BTPS, students in the lower grades (K to Grade 2) are provided with the solid academic foundation required for their future school life. Here, great focus is placed on students acquiring the fundamental skills in numeracy and literacy. Of course, students are introduced to other subjects such as science (general and health) social studies, foreign languages (French and Spanish) music and technology (computers) in a general manner. At this stage we try to address any problems (academic or behaviour) before students move to the upper level.

In the upper elementary/primary level (Grades 3 to 6); students are introduced to more complex forms of learning in preparation for entry into secondary school. They are presented with more opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards learning by observing, analyzing, inferring, criticizing, applying knowledge, experimenting etc. Students of Grades 2 and 4 write the MINIMUM STANDARDS TEST set by the St. Lucia Ministry of Education and students of Grade 6 write the COMMON ENTRANCE EXAMINATION for entry into secondary school.

Students throughout the elementary/primary school are allowed to experiment in art and craft and are also given opportunity for physical development in swimming and other physical activities such a games (non-competitive as well as competitive) track & field etc. Their spiritual growth is not left out. While we do not have religious classes, students do pray at the start and end of each day and are presented with lessons which encourage good moral behavior, positive attitudes and social responsibility.

Curriculum Extra Curricular Activities Uniform School Hours

While the school follows the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education of St. Lucia, we do allow for differences in ability and other characteristics of children, even those of the same age.

Infant and Primary subjects:

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

  • Health Science

  • General Science

  • Social Studies

Co-Curricular Subjects (Offered to
grades K – 6 once per week):

  • Physical Education

  • Swimming

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Computer Skills

  • Library

  • Music

  • Drama

  • Football

  • Karate

  • Dance

  • Craft

  • Cookery

Additional activities as well as those listed above vary from
term to term.

Navy blue shorts and white t-shirt with school logo

Navy blue “skort” and white t-shirt with school logo

School uniforms are on sale at the
school as well as T-shirts and shorts for Physical Education.

Pre- Kindergarten:
8:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Primary and High
School students:

8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The students’ Handbook contains all
school rules.