High School – Events

Our mission is to provide all students with a broad education in a dynamic and nurturing environment. We are committed to instilling in students good study habits and time management skills, to assure quality pupil performance so that students build a significant record of personal and academic achievement. We aim to be a progressive school embracing traditional values, in which self-respect, courtesy and consideration of others are of central importance.

End of Year Exams

End of year examinations are here again and students are required to be present for ALL examinations. They are to be on time as examinations will begin promptly at the stipulated times. Parents you can assist your child/ren by ensuring they are ready and prepared for their exams. Please check the schedule below for days and times of their subjects.

Students are to come with all necessary supplies including:

- graph paper, file sheets, pens (black or blue), pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, geometry set, calculators (Form 4 students only) etc.

Click here for Exam Time Table Schedule


Enriching Our P.E. Experience

When one hears the word P.E. or Physical Education, the common school of thought is to have kids exercise and sweat for no other reason than it is good for your health but it is so much more. Physical education provides children with learning opportunities through the medium of movement and contributes to their overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

In our high school, this is taken to the next level. What can P.E. do for you? Where can it take you in life? We try to give our students a holistic approach, validating such careers as found in athletics and beyond. Click here to see just how we will go to develop not just their bodies but mind and inner being.

Best Groomed Competition

Good grooming and hygiene are part of Grades 7 and 8′s (Form 1 and 2) enrichment classes, and as such it seemed only fitting to allow the young men and ladies to express who they are through fashion. There is no denying that fashion is an integral part of a teenager’s life and for this reason we sort to have fun with it. Click here for the highlights.

Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition classes are usually a treat, literally! and with Tr. Lynn there is never a dull moment.
Join us in our ‘Kitchen Adventures!’.

See what our Form 3 and 4 students are up to now :

Lil’ Creative Buds.

Cooking Up a Storm.