Pre K – Events

At this school, our approach is to encourage our little ones to listen, observe, discover and try new things; then to put into practise what they have learnt. How do we do this?  Through providing activities and materials which will motivate them.  Play is uppermost in any child’s mind, so most of our lessons are presented in the form of play thus making them fun and interactive.  These activities provide the basic academic foundation as well as the social, physical and spiritual development.

Upon graduating from Pre-K our students are ready for the next level of their learning adventure.

Let it Snow!

How do you teach little ones about the weather? Make it fun and interactive!  Guess what season we’re in…. dashing in the ???


Tr. Lucia and her tiny tots, embarked on a fire fighting adventure. As the brave little fire fighters went off to save the day, they learnt about the dangers of fire and the different fire hazards found at home and what they should do in case of a fire. Fire drills are held to ensure students are aware of what they should do in case of an emergency.

Let’s Go Fishing

Our little ones had a fun time going fishing, teaching hand – eye coordination in an exciting way all designed to enhance the imagination while
still accomplishing the purpose of this lesson is our aim. So let’s go fishing and have a fun catch! 

Visit to the Gros Islet Fire Station

A few of our tiny tots got quite a treat when they visited the Gros Islet Fire Station and given the full tour. The firemen demonstrated how they slide down the pole, operate the water hose and showed them the inside of the trucks, they even got to try on fire protection gear. Woo-woo and away we go…

Lesson On Dental Care – Teacher plays dentist

The little ones got to play dentist visit in the comfort of the classroom. Learning all about Cheerful Charlie and Sickly Sam, who are tooth characters. They learn about the foods they eat and what effects these foods have on their dental well-being, how the dentist cares for their teeth and what they must do to keep the healthy teeth they have. Come munch on this!